Merxheim and the Hunsrück

Weinel Family of the Hunsrück

The countryside of Hunsrück is pretty, with hills, woods and areas of farmland between the rivers Nahe and Mosel. Both rivers feed into the river Rhine. The people of the Hunsrück have been farmers, cattle-breeders for hundreds of years There are few industries in the Hunsrück that include a minor forestry role. Farming in the region was a very precarious occupation. Records show that the population of the Hunsrück often suffered due to poor harvests.

The Weinels of the Hunsrück have been mentioned for the first time in the parish registers of the village of Stromberg in 1752. Johann Georg Weinel has married Catherina Elisabeth Schäfer and in the same year the confirmation of Elisabeth Weinelin (sister of Johann Georg) was recorded in the Protestant Church of Stromberg.

In the middle of the 19th Century there were a number of small harvests. The Weinels, working as farmers and millers, found it difficult to make a living. Many members of the family emigrated to England or to the United States of America.

Map showing the location of Merxheim

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