Origins of Two Weinel Families

The first known record of the name Weinel is from the year 1436, in the village of Jugenheim in Rheinhessen. There a bill of the community was signed by Weindel (Weinel) and Firmes.

The name Weinel is considered to have started in the southern parts of the present Germany in regions like Hesse, Swabia and Bavaria. Some of the Hunsrück branch of the family are known to have lived in Salzburg which is now in modern Austria. There are two Weinel family groups that have a large number of their extended family living outside of Germany. In both cases it appears that these Weinels can trace their family roots to regions very near Frankfurt am Main. One of these branches of the family can trace their origins back to the towns of Gründau, Hain-Gründau and Mittel-Gründau. These towns are situated some 35 kilometres (22 miles) north and east of Frankfurt am Main in Hessen (Hesse). The other large family group traces its beginnings back to the country around a village called Merxheim in the Hunsrück which is south west of Mainz on the river Nahe. Merxheim, a small village in the Hunsrück, is some 85 kilometres (53 miles) south and west of Frankfurt am Main in Rheinland-Pfalz (Rheinland-Palatine).

  • Gründau Map: a map showing the location of Gründau, Hain-Gründau and Mittel-Gründau

  • Merxheim Map: a map showing the location of Merxheim

  • Frankfurt am Main Map: a map showing the area around Frankfurt am Main and the locations of Gründau, Hain-Gründau, Mittel-Gründau and Merxheim in relationship with each other.